Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 59 - Take Care Week

hey folks! Another week is here. Which means another email...

Nothing too big this week. My comp got sick! He started feeling it last monday and his body just was way weak but he was all bout that poly life so he kept fighting. Then Friday hit and he hit a brick wall haha so we stayed in to help him get some rest... Then Saturday hit and he felt worse, so Sister Reeder the Mission President's wife said it would be best to get him checked up so we had to go to Naga! That was tiring haha. We rode a van getting there which is an hour van ride. Had a little girl sitting next to me and she was not having it. haha it led to her throwing up about 4 times... But we safely made it to Naga! and we sat in a doctor's office for about 2 hours.. I hate doctor's offices.. But they couldnt find anything. But no poly just gets weak that he can't work anymore. so it made no sense haha but we had a fun time and he is still a fighter..

So that basically was the week! Me taking care of my comp and being stuck in the house.. But got some good study time and have been studying the Pearl of Great Price lately. It is crazy how much things are in there and just another testament about Joseph Smith. But I have been grateful for the time. It is also just a good time to think about how much has gone by and seen how much growth that has happened. Still blows my mind I am in this point of my mission. and this point in my life! I wouldn't take anything back though. I could not be anywhere else. and couldnt be happier. No matter how hard think work is, it is work it. Every single second. Everyday I see the blessing from the Lord and it just blows my mind how much he really is there for us. Every second of everyday he is cheering us on to come back home. So lets just keep fighting. I love you all! you guys rock haha keep partying :) i leave you with a scripture D&C 101:15. Until next time family.

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