Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 60 - Crazy Week

What the fast week. I can't even really keep track anymore because they go by so quick! and this week was just way crazy and busy and to add to it, transfers are tomorrow and I am transferring haha so it just makes me lazy to write! Just got a ton of things to do. 

This week has been straight busy! So we had district conference this week and we are super duper close to becoming a stake so we spent the whole week inviting members. District Conference ended up being super sweet too! Had President Reeder there and an Area of the Seventy there so it was a huge turnout! the place was packed so it was hard work well worth it! The whole district conference was on covenants and temple marriage, just things that the district needed to hear in order to become that much closer to becoming a stake! the goal is for next year and even though I won't be here to see it, it has been cool to see the church grow. 

This week was also Iriga's City Anniversary. Craziest thing ever! So this city isn't even that big but on that day it felt like the biggest city in the world! The whole place was basically shut down. and every street was set up for this 5 hour long parade... what the long. haha so it was tough to get to work! We couldnt even get anywhere and it was just hectic. added to this crazy week.  

This week also had to kill 2 missionaries in the district. They are going home! our ZL who we live with and a sister. Let me just say it is the weirdest thing ever! this transfer with the district has been so much fun. The mission is seriously an experience you cannot get anywhere else. Nothing can replace the memories and the times here. It is just crazy on how fast it all goes... With these people going home, i feel like everyone I know is going home! it is just so weird to think about...

Bittersweet to leave. Spent 6 months here in Iriga and it has been the hardest yet best times ever. The memories and the people I have met will always be special to me. Even though the work was hard, I have never ever felt the Lord's hand more in this work until this area. This is his gospel and I feel lucky enough to be called to help him bring others to the fold. Everyday we are presented with choices. Choices that will shape our future. Sometimes things will happen that will test our choices. But as we continue to show our love to our Heavenly Father we will ultimately be moving towards the best choice of all. Eternal life. I love you all! Life is what it is. So roll with it! and have some fun :) stay safe my friends. I leave you with a scripture. D&C 50:40-42. Until next time peeps.

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