Saturday, July 6, 2013

Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2013 09:08:13 -0600
Kumusta Pamilya ko!
how is the Philippines?! let me know how it is?! and alandra congrats!!!!! that is so awesome and i am proud of you. keep it up and get a scholarship!! congrats to you too curtis keep it up!! love you guys.  so i got my travel plans. I get to fly delta but i go to hong kong and my flight is at 3! so i wont see you mother but the people in my district leave at 11 so youll be there for them!! ill give you more details next week about it! just try to help them out.  I have an 8 hour layover in LA!!! grabe. i dont know what i wil do during that haha just probably talk to you guys! so i will need a phone card. should i buy it here or what?? let me know!! ill give you the whole details next week since i dont leave until monday next week.  will my passport be here? 
other than that life is good!! i am ready to go so i can just learn the rest of the language there.  i dont think i can learn the language anymore here.  but i have some bad news haha i broke the sony camera.  oops. so i will probably just buy a new one there and some sd cards so i can take lots of pics or im not even sure yet but no more pics until the philippines!! hope you guys are having fun!!  mahal kita and i will talk to you guys soon!!
Elder Finneman


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