Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 2

Subject: Week 2

I am a changed man people, a changed man!! I did something I am not proud of but it had to be done.  This week I bought an umbrella and used it when it was not raining.  AN EMBARRASSMENT. but it had to be done!! just way to hot here.  This one will surpise everyone though.  I now enjoy walking more than sitting.  It is a miracle!!  When I just sit I think too much about home so I am glad to be walking so much! it is hard but so worth it. Another, caffeine is banned in my mission and I am feeling it big time. All a man wants is a coke and he cannot even have one.  The STRUGGLE.  but other than that, life is good here peeps! It is getting so much easier!!  I love this place and I will explain why in this week email. so stay tuned and enjoy!

So I am now adjusting a little better.  The first week was tough not gonna lie.  I missed everyone! It is just me and my comp here in Vinzons and it is a struggle.  We seriously walk more than I thought possible. Seriously, our area is huge so we walk for DAYS. but so worth it.  We get Sister Missionaries the end of August so us elders will have the privilege of working in the farthest part of the area. Yay! So we have been kind of focusing there to set up teaching pools so tons of walking. But it definitely is getting so much easier. I am starting to act myself a little bit more and the members here are awesome! Kenneth is probably my homie here.  He was just baptized last month but his testimony and knowledge of the gospel is through the roof! Here is the cool part, he is only 12! so sick. But more about the ward. we have only about 50 that showed up to church this week that  out of 200 members so that part is hard.  It was pouring yesterday big time though so that might have been the problem! It was the sickest rainstorm ever! just pouring. I love the rainstorms here. but they say those numbers of attendance is average. We struggle getting lessons because of no members present or we need priesthood in a lesson because we are teaching ladies.  But we have a problem with priesthood.  of the 50 that are active about half are old ninays or girls. the about 20 are  kids and we only have about 5 priesthood holders.  One being the president and he can never teach with us because of his job! so that is a big time struggle. The member who usually comes with us is Ace.  Sick name huh? but he leaves for his mission in Angeles on August 30 so that is going to hurt big time. 

This week was a struggle teaching because of all of those reasons! but we got some good lessons in and actually got two new investigators!  one is Japp-Japp.  he is 14 and a way smart kid.  he is really open and wants to learn more.  He does not ahve a big religion background so we have to break down everything, even Jesus Christ! so that is fun and a challenge in a different language but he is awesome.  Gave us some fresh coconut and it was delicious! I love this place.  Then we have Ninay Lonita.  We were walking back one night and I just had the strongest feeling to go down this one street, so we did.  We went to about 5 houses and straight got rejected. One guy wasn't having any of it! so me and Elder Manaois prayed for some help and about 4 doors later we ran into Ninay.  This lesson was in English! The lord knows.  But it went so well. She believes that faith is what we need and really enjoyed our message so hopefully we can make progress with her! The spirit is amazing when you can listen to it.

That is all I got this week! sorry it is so long haha but life is good people! oh ya one more thing, yesterday in sacrament meeting we sang did you think to pray? hahahaha I couldn't do it. I think I have the chorus down for the prayer song and I will keep you all updated! But it brought back a ton of memories and I loved it.  So don't forget to pray peeps or the song will come out!  Love you all and have a great week huh! Keep partying or working or whatever you are doing and dominate.  Mahal Kita and see you guys on the other side.

Elder Finneman

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  1. Elder Finneman, my ancestry comes from Daet, so I found your blog while looking up missionary blogs from the Naga mission. I love this, cause I can really relate to how you started off as a Filipino raised with a strong English testimony, desiring and called to share the gospel to our people back at the mother ship. I know you probably won't see these comments for months, but I'm looking forward to catching up to real time, and I plan on sending you a hand written as soon as I reach that point. I really appreciate the love that you have for the people already, and the energy and natural leadership that you're already showing your first month out in the field. After I read this letter, I pulled up a video of the MoTab singing Did You Think to Pray, and after your words, I can say that my desire to pray always has been fortified. I can really connect to your perspective and the way you express the stories from your mission. God speed, Elder.