Thursday, July 25, 2013

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The struggle is real people,  it is real and it is here and don't even listen to anyone who says different.

I had to start my email like that!  I am here in the Philippines and just living!! Life is good peeps.  What a Week!! man it has been crazy.  So I am in the Daet zone and in the vinzons area.  You should be able to find Daet on the map.  Farthest place from the mission home! It is an awesome place.  Only tagalog here so I don't even have to worry about bicol!!  so it helps out a lot!! I have not yet been made fun of for not knowing tagalog! so life is good!!  they all think I am Somoan. my own people don't even know I am one of them.  So that is awesome.  the struggle.  But they are all surprised by my tagalog! they all say good job so it is a HUGE confidence booster! oh ya, my companion! his name is Elder Manaois and he is from the Urdenetta mission! i don't think i spelled that right, sorry RI guy! but he is 27, crazy!! he is awesome and helps me out a ton.  

A little about the area.  it is HUGE!! seriously I have never walked so much in my entire life, Combined!! I could compete in the Olympics for most miles walked probably.  but it is so beautiful here!! we have about 200 members in our branch but only about 60 show up to church. and half of them are kids  so the biggest work here is working with less actives and trying to bring them back to church.  so this Sunday, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak during sacrament. hahaha oh the struggle.  I found out that day!! what the heck  so it was tough! but I think i did alright.  Also committed someone to baptism! I got pretty lucky there  she is 13 and basically our only investigator! her grandma is a member so it helps having her there!! first lesson I teach and I have to commit someone to baptism..  talk about nerve racking!! but other than that, most work is with Less Actives.  it is tough  most don't come because of money or offended my members.  we just have a huge area and we can't see them all! we get some sister missionaries though in september so that will help out a ton!  

That is all from week one I believe and I will include some pictures.  I miss you all and I hope life is treating you awesome.  See you on the other side peeps.

Mahal Kita

Elder Finneman

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