Saturday, June 29, 2013

Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 09:15:13 -0600
Hey FAM!!!
just gonna reply to your letters. i wouldnt  mind some more caffiene! haha i still fall asleep in class a little but not as much! thanks for the sports updates! i loved them haha it helped out a ton! thats crazy about aaron hernadez.  so some people are leaving this monday so you might see them at the airport!! poasi will be there and look for elder clark, elder thurman and elder bowen. and some sisters! try to help them out, they treated me like royalty here! when are you guys going to the philippines?! that sounds like fun.  tell alandra to email me so i can talk back and forth to her while she is there! so there is a full filipino from australia here and he is taller than me! sobrang jealous ako.  and he is already basically fluent.  Tagalog is getting easier though! hardest part is just using what i know.  but it is getting easier!!  so life is good! i get my travel plans next week.  crazy huh?  and then we leave in 2 weeks from monday.  I met my mission president they are way awesome! i will send pics of everyone going to naga.  it is crazy that i am almost leaving. 
Things i need.  I cant really think of anything but maybe like a multi-tool! or im thinking just buying that in the philippines.  hindo ko alam pero it would help out! and that is about it! i am doing great and missing you guys a lot but i know you guys are doing ok! ill send some pics :)  mahal kita!
Elder Finneman

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