Saturday, June 15, 2013

Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2013 09:49:19 -0600
What is up my people!!!
Just want to wish Dad the best Father's day ever!! I am trying to get you a present but there isnt really anything cool at the mtc haha but Dad i love you so much and i just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me.  wouldnt be here without you.  Family treat dad right and put him first for once!!!
 second week here and it has been a good one!! my schedule is basically the same. breakfast at 7:30 then I have class from 8-11 then personal study then lunch then lang study then more lang study and then another class from 6-9 haha it is such a busy schedule.  but ya I got the camera and Sis Gardner is in my district!! who knows her? she is wondering who!! I will put some pics up! i have seen marcus and connor they are doing awesome! connor goes to the aiport on monday so look out for him!! he says he needs help haha typical c will. the lang is straight kicking my trash haha i am so glad i understand it cuz if i didnt i would be struggling big time.  but i know it will come. just takes some time. thats crazy they are already going! what are your guys plan? how did alandra do? my kamasa is still crazy haha ill send you a pic of him. he is just full of energy and all over the place and a rule follower to the max. i think he has the white handbook memorize. but he helps me out so much! he is basically fluent in tagalog! i am sorta getting there, hopefully!  but life here is good!
I wouldnt mind some seeds and dr pepper! also i am almost out of bar soap so that would be nice, and some more mints! also two of my teachers know mama and papa!! they served in the manila and mama of course fed them haha but it was so sweet to meet someone who has been to the house!! just thought i would let you know.. There names are brother Kaka and brother Kovach so see if mama and papa remember them!! but other than that i think that is all i need.  also if you guys got time i found some cool things you can look up.
mormon messages "Moments that matter the most" "Mountains to climb" "Men's heart shall fail" and "Earthly Father Heavenly Father."also try reading our seach for happiness it is the best book ever and strengthened my tesitmony so much!! I love you guys so much!!! thanks for everything and I will see you soon!!
oh and show poasi dad this pic of me and him!!!
Elder Finneman


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