Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 57 - Surprise Week

So I ran out of time and just remembered I have to write you all! so this will be really short! Same old same old right now.. Still finding, but we are seeing some success! tracted into some cool families and we will see how it goes. Also been trying to find all the members here since there is 500 plus but only 100 come to church.. Less actives galore! but we have found some that show some potential of coming back! and they are basically are part member families so we should have some fun soon!

Explaining the pics, saturday we had a child of record baptism so we show up and the person who was supposed to be the baptizer didnt show up! so they asked me to baptize the girl... Well i didnt bring my baptismal clothes so they made me fit in a filipino sized suit... It didnt fit!! hahah I could not stand up straight or else bad things would happen. so I slouched the whole time and the members had a fun time laughing at me the whole time hahahaha it was classic, definitely a good memory. so there is the jump suit. have a little laugh :)another pic of the moon! it was orange! and then just a full moon.

I love you all! the church is true.. Jesus truly died for us and through him we can become like him. I leave you with a scripture. Moses 6:57 Until next time family.

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