Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 56 - Simple Week

Hey peeps! The internet is back to normal! haha finally back to our usual email place and it feels good. So this will be a better email than before!

This week we went on a hike! It was up to this catholic church haha it was awesome, hopefully we will hike up this killer mountain one day and it will be dope! but we got some sick view pics and the church was pretty cool got some pics of that! We also have had a ton of CSP's still from the storm. Still hacking down some trees. Nothing better than having a machete in your hand :)

Well work is still there haha it has been tough. still stuck on the finding part! But all is well. just trying to take it step by step. It has been getting hot though! Which means no one likes being outside and they just love sleeping... So it makes finding just a little more harder! but it's ok, we continue on the path! Been a battle lately but i truly wouldn't trade it for anything. It is funny how things work out. But even though I walk more than I feel like I should, I still feel happy, I still feel good inside. I know that it is just one huge blessing that has come from this restored gospel. One thing that cannot be replaced.

This week during my study something just hit me. How simplicity is the key to life. It is just everything! Sometimes we think we have to be the best in this and that and that we just need to be everything. That is how I was thinking before. But it just hit me that being simple is how the lord works. This gospel is simple. His work is simple, and our goal is simple. To become like him. And He works best with the most simple of ways. When Jesus called his Apostles, they were just simple fishermen. Not having any clue what to do. But he made them what they needed to be. When he called Joseph Smith, he was an unlearned 14 year old farm boy, but he made Joseph what he needed to be. And no matter who we are, if we let him, he will make us who we need to be. If we are simple just as the people he called.

The mission has been maybe the thing I need the most. It crazy how much time has gone by and how much has changed. I have been in the field for over a year but I feel like I have grown more here than compared to the 19 years I spent before. I have felt the love of our Heavenly Father and I know he is there. I wouldn't trade this time for anything else.

I freaking love you all! Seriously, you guys rock. Thank you for all of your examples. Thank you for all of the prayers. I have been blessed with some great people in my life! I hope you all are doing well! Every email from you is heaven haha so thank you for the time! Keep partrying my friends, keep doing what you ened, and just enjoy life! it is too good not to enjoy :) haha i love you all, i leave you with a scripture. D&C 64:29-30. Until next time my family.

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