Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 42 - Learning Week

Hey Folks! It's p day again. which means I gotta email you all haha so here is your lovely email :)

This week was great! We have been finding a ton of new investigators. And they are all super religious haha one is a minister of Jesus is Lord I think.... and the other is the daughter of a baptist minister. which means they know there stuff. So it makes it fun! a challenge for sure, but I like it! cept the JIL dude kind of likes teaching us hahaha which is ok but one day it went overboard. I don't think we even spoke in the lesson haha so ya sometimes that happens. So we will see how this week goes with them! I'm excited.

We finally had our golden family investigator come to church!!! I was so happy when I saw them there. like little school girl happy!!! I may or may not have jumped around a little. I can neither confirm or deny that.... But let's just say it was a happy sabbath! They are awesome. Cept they need to be married hahaha so it is a huge headache but I am just glad they finally came to church! I swear I have been teaching way too many people that need to be married. It's not fun. I will never ever ever ever be a wedding planner. EVER! not worth it.. I will not be planning my wedding either. I am done hahaha

We also got fed a ton this week! It has been unreal hahah heck last night we had two dinner appointments! I freaked haha I have never eaten so much in my entire life. Well, It feels like that. I about died at the second dinner appointment, went straight into a food coma. I died on the floor... Took me a while to recover. But it is unreal how much we have been fed this week! hahaha i love it. why is food so good?! answers we will never know.. But Ill take it!

This week I have learned a lot. I think the biggest one though is how important families are. That is why I love this gospel! This is the only place where families can truly be together forever. No matter what happens they will be together forever. This past week one family in the branch im serving in just got sealed in temple. And yesterday the father bore his testimony. Didnt understand a word of it cuz it was in riconada, that is the dialect they speak here, but I just felt so happy for him. You should have seen his face. It was lighting up like christmas lights. all becuase he will be with his family for forever. and  That finally his family is together. truly together. Made me lonely! Church is not as good when you don't have your whole family there. So it definitely made me family sick. But all is well cuz i have family visiting today hahahah this is what happens when you serve in your home country. Sometimes your grandparents just decide to visit you... But really I am so thankful for this gospel and what it does to family. To know that I will always be with my family is something that can't be replaced. And to know that I can help other families be together makes it ten times better. That is what missionary work is about. Bringing families together. Helping them gain something that can't be gained any other way. 

So that's the week! I have eaten so much, Helping families one doctrine at a time and bout to see my grandparents. That is life. Man it is good! life is always good :) Sometimes we just don't realize it but man how blessed we have been. Heavenly Father has been so good to me. And I know he has been to you. count your blessing my friends. don't forget that life is always good. It is what you make of it :) love you all and thank you for everything. I leave you with a scripture. Alma 18:34. Until next time


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