Saturday, May 10, 2014

Week 41 - No Voice Week

Hey peeps! Another week which means another email. Ready na? Update time. :)

So I got sick this week. haha that sucked! but it wasn't too bad. I just lost my voice which actually is pretty bad... It is nearly impossible to teach without a voice! haha I felt like i was 12 again squeaking left and right it was terrible. So ya that basically sums up the teaching week. Me trying to teach and it just sounding like Weezy from Toy Story and by the end of the day not having a voice whatsoever. I never thought your voice could get tired. This week I learned that it is possible! Who knew.. Then I would wake up the next day feeling fresher than a mento and then have the same thing happen just as we started to work hahahah it made no sense. But that is life! Sometimes you lose your voice and sometimes you sound like you are stil 12. you win some and lose some. 

We had some success finding wise this week though! Well hopefully haha we tracted some people and they show some real potential. Heck they said they would come to church!! and then sunday showed up and it just left me heartbroken full of empty promises. But there is always next week right?!

This morning we had a little district activity. We checked out This hollywood sign, "Iriga City" style. It was awesome! The hike was a blast. Cept I felt like I was climbing everest hahah it was so steep but so worth it. We saw the whole city and got some sweet pics. Included here :) the other pics are this HUGE pig and her piglets. and just us and the district! the AP's joined us for our district meeting and we had a fun time. 

Life is good folks. I have been reading past general conference talks for my personal and it was been awesome! I never paid attention to Gen Conf before haha but going back and reading them has been the biggest help. Been focusing on trials and things like that and I loved what Elder Worthlin said in one of them. I forgot when it was but he said learn to laugh through the hardships. And just learning to laugh at yourself! Messing up is part of life, it just happens. So enjoy it while you can! have fun. take a trip and just enjoy the struggle :) love you all! life is good. its summer! it's hot so go swimming for me... I leave you with a scripture. John 15:13. Until next time friends.


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